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Approval for Beaches - May 2011

Approval for “Beaches” Subdivision May 2011: Rose group granted approval for 550 houses.

Approval for the Rose group development includes 550 residential housing sites at the southern end of Catherine Hill Bay. Following this approval, a number of modifications were granted.

Modifications of Significance

Rose group was granted a subdivision in the heritage precinct which the Association maintains will have a significant impact on the spatial relationship that has always existed between Wallarah House and the original cottages. The Mine Manager’s house situated on the top of the hill looked down upon the jetty and miners cottages within the village.

Rose group successfully sought to have their own private certifiers give approval for management plans. Previously only the local council and state government could do this.

The Association maintains that:

  • An independent certification system is necessary to ensure quality development outcomes.
  • An independent certification system is necessary to ensure integrity of the development’s outcomes.
  • An independent certification system is necessary to ensure public and community confidence in the process.

Please See these files For More Information:

Development Control Plan Finalised – July 2012

The Development Control Plan has been finalised for the Rose group subdivision at the southern end of Catherine Hill Bay.

The Catherine Hill Bay Progress Association with the support of the Environmental Defender’s Office (EDO) went into a mediation process with the developer Rose group and the Department of Planning following the subdivision approval given to the developer Rose group for 550 residential lots at the southern end of Catherine Hill Bay.

The Approval allowed the application of the General Housing Code (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) which we argued was inappropriate for an area adjacent to a heritage township; the coast and a National Park. We prevailed and a site specific Development Control Plan (DCP) was proposed.

We had the support of the National Trust and Lake Macquarie City Council in arguing for controls that would guide future development at Catherine Hill Bay and protect the values of the heritage township.

For details on the new Development Control Plan for the Rose group development at Catherine Hill Bay go to the link provided.

Link to the details

(Was from but file was removed around 2015, we have mirrored it here for the record)

Objections to draft DCP April 2012

General housing code provisions should not apply to the proposed developments. If not amended, the special environmental and heritage nature of Catherine Hill Bay would be destroyed. A site specific DCP is needed.

Rose group land rehabilitation issues – March 2012

Rose group has said that the rehabilitation of the site has mostly been done.

The Association believes that the rehabilitation has barely begun and that there are still major problems with contamination.

No subdivision certificate should be issued until the site has been properly remediated. After this the developer would need to spend millions of dollars to bring in water and sewerage to this isolated township.

An article in the Newcastle Herald on Friday, February 17, 2012 elicited the following letter from Rose group’s lawyers. Page 1 Page 2.

Below is the response from the Association as well as the letter sent by the Catherine Hill Bay Progress Association to the Environmental Protection Authority expressing our concerns with the contamination of the Rose group land at Catherine Hill Bay.

Letter to Jim Micallef Special counsel

Letter to EPA about asbestos contamination

Objection to development application by Rose group – 19th January 2011

Objection to voluntary planning agreement – 16th February 2011


We object to the Voluntary Planning Agreement between the Minister of Planning and Coastal Hamlets Pty Ltd as we believe it is inadequate and unjust.

Ecological Assessment Report - 2011

Click here to download the ecological submission RE: Rose group.

Objection letter to Rose group subdivision – 30th December 2010

Attached is a more detailed analysis of the Rose group proposed subdivision. You can just sign and send it or use whatever points that you feel most strongly about to make your own personal submissions. Personal submissions are the most effective type of objection however it is also vitally important that you send these letters to your own friends and networks and ask them to also send letters. Latest Rose group subdivision plans – 22nd December 2010

State Environemnt Planning Policy (SEPP) - 5th November 2010

Attached is the State Environmental Planning Policy Amendment for the South Wallarah Peninsula.

Submission by the CHBPA in opposition to the SEPP – 25th August 2010

Attached is the submission by the Catherine Hill Bay Progress Association to the Department of Planning in opposition to the proposed SEPP.

Objection to State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP) – 19th August 2010

Attached is important information relating to the zoning of Rosecorp land at Catherine Hill Bay and Gwandalan. The Progress Association needs your support at this critical time and asks that you send an objection letter to the Department of Planning.

Chain of events that followed the Land and Environment Court - 28th July 2010

Catherine Hill Bay Statement LMCC Manager Integrated Planning, Sharon Pope


Court Decision on Development – 1st September 2009

Attached It was not until we were able to read the judgment that we saw just how damning of the previous Minister for Planning Frank Sartor, was the judge’s decision.

Land and Environment Court overturns Rose group development – 31st August 2009

Click here to read Land & Environment Court judgement that overturns approval for the Rose group development.

A new chapter in the fight to save Catherine Hill Bay – 12th June 2009

The Part 3A approval by the former Minister for Planning, Frank Sartor, to allow Rose group to build 600 dwellings at Catherine Hill Bay and 187 dwellings at Gwandalan is presently being challenged in the Land and Environment Court . The basis for the challenge is bias on the part of the Minister. The Gwandalan/Summerland Point Action Group is being represented by the Environmental Defenders’ Office NSW and barrister Mr Jeremy Kirk.

The EDO website originally had this content, however it has been lost to time on the internet.

On the 12 August, the EDO, on behalf of Catherine Hill Bay Progress Association and Dune Care Inc, commenced judicial review proceedings in the Land and Environment Court. The applicants sought to challenge a major project approval for a staged residential subdivision to create up to 600 residential lots, bulk earthworks, and infrastructure at Catherine Hill Bay.

The applicant raised the potential for the matter to be referred to mediation with the respondents. On the 19 October the parties engaged in a 9 hour mediation session. Consequently, an agreement acceptable to all parties was reached and the matter was discontinued in the Land and Environment Court.

And had this attachment

CHBPA Newsletter – Sartors approval- September 2008

Click here to view the CHB PA newsletter.

CHBPA response to Federal Govt concerning the presence of federally threatened flora and fauna – 21st Sept 2008

Attached is the response from the CHBPA to the referral by Rose group to the federal government concerning the presence of federally threatened flora and fauna on the area in which Rose group wishes to develop Peter Garrett minister for the environment signed off on the EPBC approval

The Federal Government still has to sign off on the Rose group proposal for 600 houses.

Former Minister for Planning Frank Sartor signed the approval on the 2nd September. The Federal Government has 30 working days before it signs off as well. Form letter attached

Sartor’s approval of Rose Concept Plan – 2nd September 2008

Attached On the 2nd September 2008 , the former Minister for Planning, Frank Sartor signed the consent document that gave approval to the Concept Plan (MP_0330). The Rose group is allowed to build up to 600 houses at Catherine Hill Bay .

Independent Hearing and Assessment panel approval of concept plan

Click here for details.

WPA update on the developments – 10th July 2008

Attached This is an up-date from the WPA and as we have received contradictory information in a previous meeting with the Minister and the Department CHBPA is awaiting the formal Minister’s determination to confirm details.

We anticipate this to be made public in the coming days and will immediately provide the community and supporters with further information at that time.

Independent Panel Pans Rose group’s Concept Plan – 8th April 2008

An independent Panel set up by the government to assess the development proposal at Catherine Hill Bay has sent it back to the drawing board, saying the project is still not “consistent” with coastal policy and sound planning principles. Read the IHAP report.

Read the media release from the Catherine Hill Bay Progress Association.

Approval of Catherine Hill Bay concept plan.