Catherine Hill Bay faced massive development threats from two large developers, RoseCorp and Coal & Allied (a subsidiary of Rio Tinto).

Planning Chronology:

1969 – PRESENT
. (2010)

Planning Laws

A white paper was released (26/6/13), and the Progress Association has responded to the white paper on “A new planning system for NSW”.

The response can be viewed here.

RoseCorp (now Rose Group)

Rose Group’s latest attempt to modify the development approval.

The developer Rose Group has attempted to change the development approval:

    1. To revoke the ban on residents having cats and dogs. This was imposed to protect the fragile environment around Catherine Hill Bay.
  1. To subdivide the Wallarah precinct into two separate lots

Keep in mind that the months of work between the government departments is being paid for by taxpayer money, just so Rose can make even more money in his grand design to exploit the land as much as possible.

Relevant documents:

Coal & Allied

Coal and Allied approval – 12th July 2012

On the 12th July 2012, members of the Planning Assessment Commission, Garry Payne AM, Richard Thorp and Jan Murrell granted Concept Plan approval for the proposed residential development by Coal & Allied of the northern end of Catherine Hill Bay.
This approval will increase proposed new housing by a further 222 housing lots. Last year 550 new lots were approved for the Rose Group development at the southern end of Catherine Hill Bay. Now housing at Catherine Hill Bay which currently consists of 100 houses has increased by 772. The small town of Catherine Hill Bay will increase from 100 houses to 872. The impacts will be enormous. 
Well researched arguments, presented to the Panel, showed that the land on which new housing was proposed is environmentally sensitive and of great ecological significance. (Read for yourself in this presentation of the impacts of residential development in this area).
It was acknowledged by the panel that there are constraints on the building of new homes. Catherine Hill Bay, a former coal mining town, has been continuously mined for well over 100 years. Mine subsidence and pothole subsidence will add to the difficulty of building new houses in the Bay with underground grouting needing to be carried out in some areas.

Available now : A booklet “Protecting the Wallarah Peninsula” is available. Please click here for more information.

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