Revised draft development control plan – NH – 22 March 2012

The Department of Planning has put a revised draft DCP for Coastal Hamlets on display. The document aims to promote quality urban design and ensure the areas character is preserved.
Unfortunately other comments such as the failure of the Association to reduce the overwhelming number of houses allowed and the issues concerning contamination of the site and the the grave possibility of mine subsidence due to the underground mining over the last 130 years went unreported. As attached Page 1 Page 2
Catherine Hill Bay will be swamped by McMansions – SMH – 16th August 2011

Attached … RESIDENTS from the heritage-listed town of Catherine Hill Bay have launched a last-ditch legal action to stop a subdivision they fear will allow construction of 600 houses with no controls over what they will look like.
Tony Kelly’s move on seaside development in Pittwater – Daily Telegraph – 16th July 2011
Attached … On March 22, four days before the state election and with Labor in caretaker mode, Mr Kelly facilitated ultimate approval of a subdivision in heritage-listed Central Coast town Catherine Hill Bay .
Catho Housing approval raises ire of Lake Mayor – ABC – 20th May 2011
Attached … Lake Macquarie Mayor, Greg Piper says the Planning Assessment Commission’s approval of a housing development at Catherine Hill Bay is proof the decision should have been in Council’s hands.
Council, Developers at Odds on Housing – 4th May 2011
Attached … The Rose Group’s proposed 554-lot development at Catherine Hill Bay was not needed because the proposed dwellings ‘‘will be isolated from employment opportunities and will result in an inefficient extension of services”, the council said.
Developer Discounts – 4th May 2011
Attached … Catherine Hill Bay Progress Association president Sue Whyte said Rose Group’s infrastructure plan was ‘‘inadequate and unjust”.
Lashings of Land At Lake – Newcastle Herald – 27th April 2011
Attached … The council said its finding showed Rose Group’s planned 554 lots at Catherine Hill Bay were not needed.‘‘Housing growth is and should continue to be directed towards growth centres such as Glendale-Cardiff, Charlestown and Morisset that have existing infrastructure and services,” the report said.‘‘Additional residential lots at Catherine Hill Bay are not required to meet the objectives of the Lower Hunter Regional Strategy.”
Planning Powers to return to Councils – Newcastle Herald – 5th April 2011
Attached … The changes mean Lake Macquarie City Council, rather than the Planning Minister, will determine a project such as the Catherine Hill Bay residential development.
Meet The Inner-City Coal Seam Gas Drillers – – 25th March 2011
Link … To find out who is behind the Coal Seam Gas drilling in Tempe, the best place to start is at the village of Catherine Hill Bay on the NSW Central Coast.
What Will The Libs Do About Part 3A – – 18th March 2011
Link… The problems facing Catherine Hill Bay are expertly reported on by Nicole Gooch and Wendy Bacon in an article in the online magazine New Matilda.
An Unwelcome Development – SMH – 15th January 2011

Attached … THE hand-painted banners are up again at Catherine Hill Bay as residents of the coastal hamlet south of Newcastle brace for another round in the battle against developers who want to build 800 houses in their heritage-listed town of only 100 dwellings.
Liberals may block Catherine Hill Bay – SMH – 5th January 2011

Attached …ROSE GROUP’S plan for a 554-lot subdivision at Catherine Hill Bay is in jeopardy if the Coalition wins the March election.
Lewis Cartoon – 3rd January 2011

Demolition of jetty a step closer – Herald – 2nd January 2011
Attached …The demise of the Catherine Hill Bay jetty has moved a step closer, with a plan lodged with authorities to demolish it.
Catherine Hill Bay Cottages Protected – Herald – 9th November 2010
Attached …The villages of Catherine Hill Bay and Middle Camp have been added to the state’s heritage list and new guidelines for development on the South Wallarah Peninsula have been completed.
Catherine Hill Bay jetty is facing demolition – Herald – 3rd November 2010

Attached … The historic Catherine Hill Bay jetty is headed for demolition, with no one interested in reusing it.
CHB Falls Short of Heritage Listing – ABC News 26th August 2010
Attached … The National Trust says it has assessed a proposed State Heritage listing for Catherine Hill Bay and concluded it falls well short of what is needed.
Plea to protect Catherine Hill Bay Heritage – Newcastle Herald – 26th August 2010

Attached … CATHERINE Hill Bay residents say a new planning policy will lead to inappropriate development in the seaside town and negatively affect its heritage.
Suspicion laps the Coast – SMH Editorial – 6th August 2010
Attached … Now the local heritage groups have been alerted that two key planning policies – one setting general development standards, the other specifically protecting beaches, headlands and other aspects of scenic quality and access in coastal areas – have been set aside in the draft state plan for the Catherine Hill Bay project. They fear this will give the developer carte blanche to build on the headland and right up to the beach
Coastal Planning Controls Removed – SMH – 5th August 2010

Attached … THE state government appears to have given carte blanche to the private developer of land at Catherine Hill Bay , south of Newcastle , by removing potentially onerous coastal development controls. The move paves the way for the developer to be able to build on the headland and up to the beach.
NSW Backflips on Catherine Hill Bay Heritage – NineMSM – 28th July 2010

Attached … Hunter Valley villages once slated for redevelopment will be given the state’s highest level of heritage protection, the NSW government says.
Secret Deal For Crown Land – The Herald – 10th May 2010

Attached … THE NSW Government has been accused of striking a secret deal with controversial Sydney developer Rose Group for land at Catherine Hill Bay . The deal came to light after a bizarre series of events involving two blocks of land that were part of an 1870s subdivision in the seaside suburb.Earlier newpaper coverage

Earlier Coverage

Legal Shift Revives Disputed Housing Plans – SMH – 19th February 2010
Attached … THE state government has embarked on a new strategy to revive controversial Hunter Valley housing developments that collapsed after the Land and Environment Court found they had been negotiated unlawfully.
Govt. Manipulation of Lower Hunter Strategy devious say Greens – Newcastle on Hunter – 18th February 2010
Attached … To eliminate references to the MoU and replace them with a ‘Voluntary Planning Agreement’ is to simply play with words while retaining the substance of the original ‘land bribe’.The Huntlee and Catherine Hill Bay projects should be abandoned.
Hunter Developments back on Drawing Board – The Herald – 18th February 2010
Attached … Mr Kelly is expected to announce today that he has removed references to Memorandums of Understanding [MOUs], which Environment Court Justice David Lloyd had described as “land bribes”.
Small axe fells big timber – SMH – 24th October 2009
Attached … Huntlee and Catherine Hill Bay were among those not previously given serious consideration because they were remote from existing services and poorly serviced by transport. Suddenly, they were part of the new strategy.
Sartor’s attempt at foreplay comes across as smarm – SMH – 22nd October 2009
Attached … And it’s why Sartor’s look-at-me-Mummy 3A legislation is such bad law, because it encourages random rezonings like those that took Catherine Hill Bay and Huntlee from list-bottom to list-top. It’s bad for the land, and bad for our rep.
Ministers Unlawful Act Scuppers 7200 Homes – SMH – 19th October 2009
Attached …. THE state’s biggest housing project has collapsed after the Planning Minister, Kristina Keneally, admitted she acted unlawfully in approving the 7200-home Hunter Valley proposal.
Decision invalid, Hunter planning strategy in limbo – ABC – 19th October 2009
Attached … The New South Wales Government’s planning strategy for the Lower Hunter has come to an abrupt halt after Planning Minister Kristina Keneally agreed that her approval of a housing development for 20,000 people near Branxton was invalid.
Developing a Distaste for NIMBY Protestors – Daily Telegraph – 28th September 2009

Attached… Outside of Sydney the threat is just as real. The hamlet of Catherine Hill Bay , which is supposedly very picturesque, was nearly overrun but saved at the last minute by the Land and Environment Court . Now I’ve never been to Catherine Hill Bay but I may want to visit it one day and when I do I don’t want it to look like Brisbane .
Thousands Turn Up To Mourn – North Short Times – 27th September 2009
Attached … Celebrity speakers including Jono Coleman, Michael Caton, Catriona Rowntree and Wendy Harmer slammed the state government for high rise developments and planning issues around the North Shore and further afield, calling for the state government’s planning reforms to be wound back and for Ku-ring-gai to be “down zoned” from current high rise zonings.
Tell’em They’re Dreaming – SMH – September 28th 2009
Attached … From Balmain and Beecroft, Catherine Hill Bay and Ku-ring-gai, Dungog and Double Bay , from all parts of the state, the people had come to unload on its unloved government. To put its next government on notice.
Community Faith Lost in Planning Strategy – Newcastle Herald – 12th September 2009
Attached …the whole Lower Hunter Regional Strategy has been affected by the deal and should be thrown out and redone.
Clean Up This Mess – SMH – 10th September 2009
Attached … Take Justice David Lloyd’s resounding rejection of Frank Sartor’s Catherine Hill Bay mega-approval, a rare triumph for intelligence and fair play over seemingly insuperable government venality. A hallelujah moment.
Focuses Minds On The Real Schmozzle – SMH Editorial – 3rd September 2009
Attached … The 600-home proposal for that tiny hamlet is ludicrously disproportionate. In an industry already muddied by political donations, restoring the status quo is the only way to return the appearance of propriety to Government decision-making.
Door Open For Talks On Housing Project – SMH – 2nd September 2009

Attached … Kirsty Ruddock, principal solicitor at the Environmental Defenders Office, which ran the case, said the proposal to build 600 houses at Catherine Hill Bay was completely inappropriate and had to be redone.
Land Bribe Exposes Labor’s Cosiness With Property Developers – SMH – 1st September 2009
Attached … IN HIS withering 33-page decision, Judge David Lloyd never mentions the $143,500 Rose Group donated to the Labor Party in the lead-up to the last NSW election.But he does something more. He describes what happened at Catherine Hill Bay as a ”land bribe”.With that one phrase, that one b-word, the judge crystallised the adverse public sentiment towards so much of the planning process in NSW: big developers make big donations and get rich from approvals for big projects.
ALP Donor Projects Scuttled – SMH – 1st September 2009

Attached … A crushing judgment in the Land and Environment Court has swept away plans by Rose Group to build 600 houses at the coastal hamlet of Catherine Hill Bay , south of Newcastle , and another 187 houses at nearby Gwandalan on Lake Macquarie , and sounded the death knell for developments at both sites planned by Coal & Allied.
“Smitten” Sartor Went Too Far – SMH – 1st September 2009
Attached … THE former NSW planning minister Frank Sartor was ”enamoured” of a ”land bribe” exchange when he approved a huge housing development at Catherine Hill Bay , the Land and Environment Court ruled yesterday.
NSW Government’s Approval of 800 Homes Overturned – Daily Telegraph – 1st September 2009
Attached … The NSW Land and Environment Court ruled yesterday that the state’s approval of almost 800 new homes in southern Lake Macquarie was void because the planning minister at the time – Frank Sartor – might not have been impartial and unprejudiced in his decision.
Catherine Hill Bay Plan Blocked – SMH – 31st August 2009

Attached … NSW government approval to build 600 houses in a small coastal mining village south of Newcastle has been blocked by the Land and Environment Court .
Wallarah Peninsula Development Blocked – NewcastleOnHunter – 31st August 2009
Attached …The NSW Land and Environment Court overturned Rose Group’s concept plan approved by former Planning Minister Frank Sartor for major residential development at Catherine Hill Bay and Gwandalan.
Court Overturns “Biased” Govt Planning Decision – ABC Online – 31st August 2009
Attached … The Land and Environment court today agreed, declaring the Government’s approval void. The court found Planning Minister Frank Sartor was the driving force in negotiations with the developer and that his approval was affected by a reasonable apprehension of bias.
No Retrospective on $300m Plans – Herald – 18th June 2009
Attached … PLANNING Minister Kristina Keneally revealed yesterday that she had no intention of introducing retrospective legislation to ensure that a $300 million development at Catherine Hill Bay and Gwandalan proceeds.
Dubious Deeds Come Undone – SMH Editorial – 10th June 2009

Attached … ADVICE obtained by the State Government and reported in yesterday’s Heraldsuggests that the way the former planning minister Frank Sartor negotiated land-swap arrangements in 2006 with developers of several large-scale projects may well have been beyond his powers and so illegal
Deal or no Deal? Developer sits tight – SMH – 10th June 2009
Attached …Any move by the Government to retrospectively legalise these dodgy deals will demonstrate just how arrogant and unaccountable this Government has become…
Huge Land Deals “Illegal” – SMH – 9th June 2009
Attached … MULTIBILLION-DOLLAR land deals the State Government signed with two big Labor Party donors are likely to be ruled illegal by the Land and Environment Court
Development Deals: It’s All About MOU – SMH – 9th June 2009
Attached … To work out where best to put them, the department produced a list of the 91 best development sites. Catherine Hill Bay came second last, ahead only of Sweetwater, also known as Huntlee. Despite the view of professional planners that these were the worst of the lot, both sites got the nod from Mr Sartor and the then environment minister, Bob Debus.
BigEnd Court Challenge – Newcastle Herald – June 2009

Catho’s Castle
Time To Think On Planning
Land Checks Undermined
Newcastle Herald Cartoon
Catho residents slam “disastrous” decision – Newcastle Herald 28th February 2009
Attached … CATHERINE Hill Bay residents said they were disappointed but not surprised by federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett’s decision to approve the Rose Group’s development in their suburb.
Beautiful retreat deserves heritage listing – Newcastle Herald 6th January 2009
Attached …Catherine Hill Bay and its surrounds are the only large area of relatively intact bushland between Nelson Bay and Port Hacking
Catherine Hill Bay keen for Heritage listing – The Herald 3rd January 2009
Attached … CATHERINE Hill Bay residents are hopeful their village will be added to the state heritage register in the near future.The listing would strengthen the community’s campaign against large-scale development in the area, such as that proposed by Rose Group and Coal & Allied.
Not in our Village – Sun Weekly new 11th December 2008
Attached … Angry residents of Gwandalin and Summerland Point are preparing for a court battle to prevent a large scale housing development which they say threatens to disturb the tranquil lifestyle of their villages
Land battle goes to court – Express Advocate 9th December 2008

Attached … IN a David and Goliath action, Gwandalan Summerland Point Action Group is set to take on the NSW Planning Department in the Land and Environment Court .
Stark stance of sacrifice contrasts with our moral pygmies – SMH 13th November 2008
Attached …. our politicians sacrifice our most sacred coastal treasures, our bays and inlets, lakes, villages, heritage. Currawong, Pitt Town, Bermagui, Sandon Point, Catherine Hill Bay, Anvil Hill; all sacrificed to the gods of absolute waterfront, mateship and that great three-in-one deity, coal-carbon-cash.
Strong interest in Catherine Hill Bay housing plans – ABC 6th November 2008
Attached … Catherine Hill Bay residents say they are not surprised two big housing developments planned for the village have generated more public feedback than other projects in New South Wales.The State Government’s develop monitor for the past year shows 5,500 submissions were received for the Rosecorp and Coal and Allied proposals. That is 30 per cent of the total submissions received by the Government for all projects.
Currawong, yet another black mark against Labor – SMH 22nd October 2008
Attached … The bleak humour of which is recognised in the Greens’ 2008 Bad Developer Awards. The coveted Golden Toaster was deservedly taken out by Wollongong’s Frank Vellar. But the residential category was shared by three standouts: Keith Johnson’s Pitt Town development, Rose Corp’s Catherine Hill Bay and Linz and Litver’s Currawong.
Coalition vows to scrap minister’s powers on big projects – SMH 20th October 2008
Attached … THE Coalition says that if it wins government it will scrap one of NSW’s most controversial planning laws, which hands control of coastal areas and contentious development sites to the planning minister.
Protesters rally to save Catho – Herald 20th October 2008
Attached … Catherine Hill Bay Progress Association president Sue Whyte took part in the Hyde Park rally to call for protection against development on sites from the Hunter Region to the North Coast .Carrying banners and donning shirts that read “Save Catho”, the protesters want to scrap Part 3A of the state’s planning legislation.
Garrett may stop housing development – ABC News 1st October 2008
Attached … The federal Environment Minister has indicated he may block a massive coastal housing project south of Newcastle , in the New South Wales Hunter Valley , similar to his stance against the Nobbys Lighthouse redevelopment.
How one man could single-handedly kill our coastline – Tracks Magazine Oct 2008
Attached … The Department of Planning advised against development, the Department of Environment and Conservation suggested the land be bought back and preserved by the State. Two local councils knocked back the developer’s plans, as did an independent assesor. Sartor’s call? Start your bulldozers. If the developers get their way the sleepy hamlet will be none times the size and its unique characted obliterated.
Greens push for ICAC to review Sartor deals – SMH 14th September 2008

Attached … SIX major developments personally approved by former planning minister Frank Sartor have been referred to the anti-corruption watchdog after it was revealed the developers had donated almost $1million to the NSW Labor Party. …. Rosecorp donated $143,500 during the planning process.
Sartor’s spirit needs exorcising – 13 September 2008
Attached … LIKE an army in retreat, former planning emperor Frank Sartor caused as much damage as he could before he was dumped.One of his last decisions, just days before he was axed by his own party, was to approve a major development at Catherine Hill Bay the last unspoilt and undeveloped gem on the Central Coast. It was, you might say, a symbolic end to a reign of terror.
The deal is done, but all is not lost at Catho
Attached …The State Government’s decision last week to approve the massive development for Catherine Hill Bay is a sad and tragic outcome for the people of NSW and especially the folks in the Hunter
Green’s recount doubles value of gifts to Labor – SMH 8th September 2008

Attached …. A controversial proposal from Rosecorp to build hundreds of apartments in the hamlet of Catherine Hill Bay, on the Central Coast, was approved last week by the then minister for planning, Frank Sartor. In the 14 months to June, Rosecorp – a generous donor of long standing – donated another $117,700 to the state Labor Party.
Residents ready to use Green Bans – SMH 3rd September 2008
Attached … AUSTRALIA’S architecture body has described State Government approval of a plan to build almost 800 dwellings at Catherine Hill Bay as “gross over-development”, while residents have threatened to use green bans to block it.
New development will destroy area’s heritage – ABC Newcastle 3rd September 2008

Attached …”It is still an enormous number of houses to put in an area with no infrastructure, and the whole idea of coastal policy these days is to only build in areas leave the rest of the coast alone.”Greens MLC Sylvia Hale says the development should not be allowed to go ahead under any circumstances. “Once again the Minister for Planning has failed to listen to the community,” she said. “The people he appears to listen to are the major donors to the Labor Party. Rosecorp, in the lead up to the 2007 state election, donated $143,000 to the ALP.”
Town of Few Set To House Hundreds – SMH 3rd September 2008
Attached … The new housing represents the type of overdevelopment that is causing problems with water and infrastructure elsewhere on the Central Coast, says the Catherine Hill Bay Progress Association, which wanted the whole peninsula declared a national park.
Sartor to ignore his own panel – SMH 2nd July 2008

Attached … The State Government is expected to approve within days a controversial project to build luxury homes on the headland at Catherine Hill Bay, even though an independent panel has recommended significant modifications before approval.
Buried report reveals bay plan rejection – SMH 9th May 2008

Attached …REVISED plans for a controversial development of more than 600 houses in the Central Coast township of Catherine Hill Bay were rejected by an independent panel appointed by the State Government.
Greens take allegations to ICAC – SMH 5th May 2008

Attached … On behalf of the Greens, the MP Sylvia Hale is calling on the Independent Commission Against Corruption to investigate donations from property developers to political parties and candidates, alleging that it “represents a systemic corruption of the planning system in NSW”. …Rosecorp Pty Ltd donated $143,600 while seeking State Government approval for its projects at Breakfast Point in Sydney and Catherine Hill Bay south of Newcastle.
No Record of Donation from Developer – SMH 5th May 2008

Attached … The Planning Minister, Frank Sartor, who gave his approval, also did not declare a $1000 donation which Rosecorp Pty Ltd recorded as giving him on March 31, 2006, in its returns to the NSW Election Funding Authority.
Councillors want ban on Donations – Express Advocate 2nd May 2008

Attached … Information available on the Election Funding Authority ‘ s website showed Cr Best received more than $55,000 in donations for his State election campaign last year. The largest donations were from developers, including $9000 from Coastal Hamlets Pty Ltd,
Hunter fate set behind Sydney ‘s closed doors – Newcastle Herald 24th April 2008
Attached … Most shocking of all was the inclusion of proposed developments at Catherine Hill Bay and Huntlee (these places were ranked 90 th   and 91 st   on a Departmental list of 91 potential sites for development), as well as Gwandalan, Nords Wharf , Minmi and Sanctuary Villages . Neither of these places provides the access to public transport, services, or work opportunities required to justify large scale development.
Heritage listing prompts call to ban Catherine Hill Bay housing plan – ABC 21st April 2008

Attached … The New South Wales Government has been urged to ban a large scale housing development at Catherine Hill Bay , now that the area has been named as one of the state ‘ s most endangered historic sites.The National Trust has listed the township among three rare heritage sites in NSW that it believes should be protected.
Watch it, Morris, or we ‘ ll rip yer bloody arms off – SMH 16th April 2008

Attached … Now, more than ever, we need a minister who will stand for what is right, someone who will not trade a piece of the Blue Mountains National Park for a Dubai-funded, helicopter-serviced eco-village, or a piece of Ku-ring-gai National Park for luxury McMansions, or a tiny coastal mining village like Catherine Hill Bay for tacky, car-based suburbia, or a piece of Pitt Town flood plain for residential subdivision.
Iemma Must Show He Is In Charge – Editorial SMH 15th April 2008

Attached … As reinforced by the Herald reports about Catherine Hill Bay and Sweetwater in the Hunter region, the nexus between state Labor and developers is unhealthy and corrupting. The suspicious coincidence of government grants to the Transport Workers Union matching the union ‘ s donations to Labor, the sleaze around the dismissed Wollongong council and the rush to remove local council powers all add to the public impression of a ruling party that has lost its moral bearings.
O’Farrell Outraged At Papers Absence – SMH 14th April 2008

Attached … THE Opposition has accused the Government of contempt of Parliament by failing to disclose four documents containing criticisms of a deal to allow development on land that Planning Department staff had rejected as highly unsuitable. …Mr O ‘ Farrell said the real problem with the Hunter Regional Plan was that it was a deal done behind closed doors by Mr Sartor and developers with no transparency or community involvement.
It’s About Social Cohesion, not Bricks and Cement – SMH 14th April 2008

Attached … When the Lower Hunter Strategy was released, the Total Environment Centre and local groups pointed out that Frank Sartor on the one hand had negotiated for significant private land to be protected in conservation reserves, but on the other acquiesced to allow the wrong development in the wrong places, contrary to good planning and sustainability principles.
Secret Files Expose the Sway of Developers – SMH 12th April 2008

Attached … THE State Government dismissed advice from its own planners and allowed developers to clear valuable bushland to build housing estates away from existing towns and transport, after months of aggressive lobbying by developers. Documents seen by theHerald – some withheld from Parliament – reveal details of an unprecedented land swap in which some of the state ‘ s most generous donors to the NSW Labor Party were given the go-ahead to build on sensitive woodland and coastal areas in the Lower Hunter.
Paving Paradise to Save It – SMH 12th April 2008

Attached … If ever there was a place unfit for development it was Sweetwater, a 2340-hectare spread of untouched lower Hunter spotted gum and iron bark forest. Kilometres from the nearest town, rich with rare vegetation and home to several threatened species, it was never considered a likely site for housing. It was so unsuitable it came last on a NSW Department of Planning survey of 91 sites where best to put new homes for the 125,000 people expected to settle in the region by 2031.Just one place above it on the list was Catherine Hill Bay, an old mining village on the Wallarah Peninsula, 80 kilometres south-east of Sweetwater. Surrounded by coastal heath and bordered by unspoiled surf beaches, it is the last barrier holding back Sydney ‘ s suburban sprawl in its relentless march north to Newcastle.
Strategy documents the house never saw – SMH 12th April 2008

Attached … As staff in the Newcastle office were sidelined from negotiating the Hunter Regional Strategy, they copied four documents pivotal to understanding what happened. They put them in a yellow envelope and hid them in the office.
White shoes, white elephants – SMH – 8th March 2008
Attached … it has given me sympathy for locals who fight against overdevelopment at beach destinations such as Byron Bay or Catherine Hill Bay, who I might have otherwise have dismissed as nimbys.
Campaign mounts against Catherine Hill Bay housing plan – ABC regional – 10th March 2008

Attached … The Catherine Hill Progress Association says it is not surprised the New South Wales Government has received more than 2,500 submissions against a proposed housing development in the area.
Lake Macquarie survey finds rare plant – ABC Newcastle – 3rd March 2008

Attached … Surveys conducted as part of Coal & Allied’s plans for residential development at Lake Macquarie have unearthed large numbers of one of the Hunter’s most threatened plant species.
Town fights to preserve a little bit of paradise – SMH 1st March 2008

Attached … He says Mr Sartor’s view is that proponents would keep coming until protection zoning crumbled. “Our view is that might be so, but it’s worth fighting to stop it,” says Mr Cogan. And if it gets the go-ahead, he says, property owners along the coast will demand development rights as they see fit.
Frank Sartor’s crash landing – SMH editorial – 28th Feb 2008
Attached … IT DOESN’T look good. An independent panel opposes a major rezoning of land near Canberra Airport but the NSW Planning Minister, Frank Sartor, approves it anyway. It doesn’t look good at all when the developer concerned is a big donor to the Labor Party. Mr Sartor, however, refuses to see the problem.
Iemma Sartor ICAC Donor Links – Daily Telegraph – 28th Feb 2008
Attached … PREMIER Morris Iemma and his Planning Minister Frank Sartor had thousands made out to them in donations as part of a $100,000-plus ALP gift from a developer investigated by ICAC.
It’s time to be frank, Sartor – Daily Telegraph – 27th February 2008

Attached …A PROPERTY developer who donated more than $160,000 to the NSW ALP has been given a $200 million windfall in a land rezoning deal – despite the Government’s own expert panel warning Planning Minister Frank Sartor against the move.
Minister approved project of company that donated – Sydney Morning Herald – 27th February 2008

Attached … THE company behind a controversial development under Canberra Airport’s flight path that was approved by the Planning Minister against the recommendation of an independent panel has emerged as a big donor to NSW Labor.
Residents rally against Catherine Hill Bay development – ABC Newcastle – 25th February 2008
Attached … “People are terribly concerned that if approved, the massive Catherine Hill Bay development will totally engulf the village,” she said.”It would set a precedent along the entire New South Wales coastline, raising developers’ expectations that they could develop headlands and conservation areas and precious places like this.”
Developers coughed up to dine with Planning Minister – SMH 18th February 2008

Attached … FRANK SARTOR hosted a Labor Party fund-raising dinner attended by more than 30 development companies and which raised more than $500,000 – at the same time the Government was set to make decisions on development applications by some of those companies.
Labor delivers for big donors – SMH – 2nd February 2008

Attached … SOME of the business world ‘ s biggest winners from NSW Government decisions have emerged as the Labor Party ‘ s most generous donors.Rosecorp, which is involved in controversial projects such as Breakfast Point and Catherine Hill Bay, gave $110,000.
Developer accused of hypocrisy – Manly Daily – 25th January 2008

Attached …A Palm Beach developer denies being a hypocrite for objecting to six townhouses being built in his own suburb while proposing 600 houses at iconic Catherine Hill Bay
Development Deadlines loom for Coastal Hamlet – Sydney Morning Herald – 22nd January 2008

Attached … Construction of up to 900 homes could go ahead this year if residents fail in their attempt to have the projects scaled back. In the last census there were only 153 people in the coastal hamlet, 100 kilometres north of Sydney.
Developer’s Protest a bit rich – Daily Telegraph – 21st January 2008
Attached …But, despite objecting to development in his own backyard, Mr Rose ‘ s company plans to build up to 600 homes in the tiny former mining town of Catherine Hill Bay, south of Newcastle.
Call for Sympathetic Development – Star 9th January 2008
Attached … While the Catherine Hill Bay Progress Association has protested the proposed developments, it says it is not against all development in the area, it just wants any development to be sensitive to the existing village and its heritage and environmental values.
New plan for heritage town comes up smelling of roses – Sydney Morning Herald 6th September 2007

Attached … REVISED plans for a controversial development around the Central Coast heritage town of Catherine Hill Bay have been released by the State Government, with residents saying they have been improved.However, concern remains about the prospect of more than 800 new houses being built around the old mining village.
Forum a “charade” – Newcastle Herald 31st August 2007

Attached … Catherine Hill Bay representative Jennifer Hill said the comany has a preconceived notion of what it wanted, and “didn’t seem interested in community consultation”
Peninsula Planning – Herald 31st August 2007

Attached …residents seem no happier about the idea, labelling a “closed-door” planning “charette” a charade.
Talks fail to quell housing plan concerns – ABC Newcastle 31st August 2007

Attached … Community groups say four days of talks with Coal and Allied on its proposed multi-million dollar housing projects has failed to address their concerns about overdevelopment on Lake Macquarie ‘ s coastline in the New South Wales Hunter region.
Battle for Catho – A Struggle Against Impossible Odds – Financial Review – Thursday 22nd March 2007

Attached … Tiny Catherine Hill Bay ‘s refusal to be bullied by developers typifies community anger over state planning power…
Move Along Please – Syndey Morning Herald Editorial – Wednesday 21st March 2007
Attached … The result, as seen most recently in Catherine Hill Bay and in the decision to approve vast new development at Star City , disenfranchises local communities – frequently for no good reason. Neither of these two projects is vital to the state’s future; they are important only because they have been proposed by people with a lot of money.
Sartor Offset Land Already Protected – Sydney Morning Herald – Tuesday 20th March 2007
Attached … A STATE GOVERNMENT deal to offset proposed development at Lake Macquarie by asking developers to set aside land for conservation has been attacked…. the land was of limited development potential and was already zoned for environmental protection, says a planner at Lake Macquarie City Council.
Sartor Overrides Conservation Advice – Sydney Morning Herald – Monday 19th March 2007

Attached … THE Planning Minister, Frank Sartor, would have to rezone land from conservation to residential to allow developers to build around the heritage town of Catherine Hill Bay .Documents marked “Cabinet in Confidence” show that the Department of Planning advised the minister in May last year that “no development occur at Catherine Hill Bay “.In fact, the Department of Environment and Conservation thought land in the area was so important it should be bought by the state.
In Full Swing – The Newcastle Herald – Saturday 17th March 2007

Attached … At least four Lower Hunter seats could change hands next Saturday, significantly changing the region ‘ s political landscape, and that of NSW.
Wyong a Bay Critic – The Daily Telegraph – Friday 9th March 2007
Attached … THE controversial 600-house Catherine Hill Bay redevelopment has gained another critic, with Wyong council writing a scathing submission against the plan.
Jetty out on a limb – The Newcastle Herald – Saturday 3rd March 2007

Attached … THE historic jetty at Catherine Hill Bay is set to be demolished unless money is found to maintain it…. A spokeswoman for Planning Minister Frank Sartor said the jetty should be discussed in the context of any infrastructure contribution that Rosecorp makes with its plan to develop 600 houses at the bay.
“Infastructure? …What Infastructure??!’ – The Newcastle Herald – Wednesday 28th February 2007

Pressure On Ocean Village – Newcastle Herald – Wednesday 28th February 2007

Attached … The Lake council, for its part, says ratepayers could be left with an $11.5 million infrastructure bill unless the Government squeezes more out of the developer.
No Detailed Studies to Support Development – Newcastle Herald – Wednesday 28th February 2007

Attached … CATHERINE Hill Bay Progress Association said yesterday that a concept plan for Rosecorp’s 600 houses at the bay should be refused because detailed studies had not been done to support the development…Mr Sartor appointed an independent panel to study the plan and Mr Cogan presented the association’s objections to the panel yesterday.Mr Cogan said the developer had not made a “comprehensive case for the size and design of the proposal”.
11.5M$ Utilities Bill Not Settled – Newcastle Herald – Wednesday 28th February 2007

Attached … FEARS that ratepayers will be left with an $11.5 million bill to pay for infrastructure at Catherine Hill Bay have been raised in a Lake Macquarie City Council report.
What independence – Despite panel 
‘ s finding, Minister Sartor can do what he likes – The Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 28th February 2007

Attached … QUESTIONS have been raised about the influence and independence of a panel assessing Rosecorp ‘ s proposed development at Catherine Hill Bay .
Couple sees trouble on Horizon – Newcastle Herald – Wednesday 28th February 2007

Attached … THEY have lived in Catherine Hill Bay for more than 60 years and intend to stay there for the rest of their lives.But Barry and Pauline Wiltshire fear they will end up living in a suburb they dislike.They say plans for 900 houses in the village of 100 homes will destroy its character.
Quote Unquote – Newcastle Herald – Wednesday 28th February 2007

Attached … “Having a thousand houses in the place will ruin it. It’s a nice little town and it should stay that way.”
Council Caustic on Bay development – The Daily Telgraph – Tueseday 27th February 2007
Attached … ROSECORP ‘ S proposed development at Catherine Hill Bay is allegedly too close to the coast, fails to provide adequate community services and thumbs its nose at government planning laws.A scathing Lake Macquarie council report due to be tabled last night sets out more than 60 concerns about the plan, from its heritage impact to a perceived lack of public transport.
Council opposes ‘outrageous ‘ plan 
Newcastle Herald – Tuesday 27th March 2007 

Attached … SYDNEY developer Rosecorp ‘ s plans to develop 600 houses at Catherine Hill Bay came under fire at last night’s Lake Macquarie City Council meeting… Mayor Greg Piper said the plan was outrageous…”There is not one sound planning principle applying to the agreement,” Cr Piper said.
In a manner of speaking, it’s all just coming up roses – Australian Financial Review – Saturday 24th Febraury 2007
Attached …The plan of Sydney developer Bob Rose’s Rosecorp to build 600 homes in the tiny seaside hamlet of Catherine Hill Bay was blocked by councils and naysayers in the courts before Planning Minister Frank Sartor rode to the rescue, declaring the plan a national treasure.
Livid and planning to revolt – Daily Telegraph – Saturday 24th February 2007

Attached …It is the town that has turned its back on Labor .. “People here do feel like they’ve been betrayed. A lot of them are lifelong Labor voters and they’re saying there’s no way they’ll vote for the party”
United We Stand – Daily Telegraph – Saturday 24th February 2007

Attached …Its a scenario once considered unthinkable in a blue-colla town where most children learned to vote Labor almost from the same time they learned to write.
Canditates Combine Over Developments – The Daily Telegraph – Thursday 22nd February 2007
Attached … A Daily Telegraph investigation has found that three of Newcastle’s five candidates oppose Landcom’s Royal Newcastle Hospital redevelopment, all of Swansea’s candidates reject development plans for Catherine Hill Bay and Upper Hunter candidates remain uncommitted to the proposed Anvil Hill coalmine.The spread of opposition across major parties and independent candidates suggests a surge in community angst with the three proposals, with candidates jumping on board to win votes.
Fix Up Our Backyard – Sunday Telegraph – Sunday 18th February 2007

Attached … But residents want other problems in their own regional back yard fixed…. They also want a guarantee that the old mining town of Catherine Hill Bay will not be developed, and improved water quality in Lake Macquarie .
Developer Rejects Council Assessment – Newcastle Herald – Thursday 15th Febraury 2007

Attached … The Herald reported yesterday that a Lake Macquarie City Council assessment of Rosecorp ‘ s concept plan was “confusing, poorly labelled or incorrectly labelled”.The assessment criticised the plan as misleading for referring to land that had been rehabilitated as “despoiled”.
Plans Slammed – Newcastle Herald – Wednesday 14th February 2007
Attached … THE NSW Government is facing increased pressure over its support for new housing at Catherine Hill Bay with the emergence of a secret government document recommending against development in the historic village.A confidential draft cabinet document, obtained by The Herald, concluded that: “No development [should] occur at Catherine Hill Bay.”
Village Joins In Protest – Newcastle Herald – Monday 12th February 2007

Attached … Planning power blasted. Catherine Hill Bay residents joined a rally in Hyde Park, Sydney, yesterday to protest against controversial government planning powers they believe will destroy the seaside suburb
Tough-as-nails hamlet takes on developers – Sydney Morning Herald – Saturday 10th February 2007

Attached … Rosecorp’s development plans have had a very public airing since it paid $4.25 million for 374 hectares in 2002. Rejected by the Lake Macquarie City Council and thrown out on appeal by the Land and Environment Court in July last year, the company – headed by Bob Rose, chairman of the NSW Urban Taskforce lobby – finally found a sympathetic ear in Mr Sartor….The promise of land for a national park is poor compensation for the loss of such an important settlement to the history of NSW,” its conservation director, Jacqui Goddard, wrote to Mr Sartor.
A Little Bare-Faced Cheek – Sydney Morning Herald – Wednesday 7th February 2007
Attached … Proposals to redevelop Catherine Hill Bay have been around for years. Opposed not only by locals but by the National Trust and the Government’s own departments of planning and of the environment, they’ve also been refused by both Wyong and Lake Macquarie councils, whose boundary the site spans, and rejected by the courts, including the Court of Appeal….In November, with the courts proving so unkind, Rosecorp was able to invoke Part 3A in requesting the minister’s help. The plea, the developer’s new statewide refrain, was that the minister pluck its Catherine Hill Bay bid from the turbid morass of public opinion and shine upon it the clear light of ministerial love. And lo, the minister did pluck….A copycat agreement with Coal & Allied, signed the very next day, supports a further 300 houses at Catherine Hill Bay, making a total of 900 new dwellings; a 900 per cent increase in this tiny 100-house hamlet, notwithstanding the Planning Department’s firm advice to cabinet that “no development [should] occur at Catherine Hill Bay”.
Bay Braces For Battle – The Newcastle and Lake Macquarie Post – Wednesday 7th February 2007
Attached … Mr Cogan was not convinced the government was serious about addressing public concerns.“People feel as if the government has just walked over them and they’re angry,” he said.
Fourth Council Member Stands – Newcastle Herald – Tuesday 6th February 2007

Attached … LAKE Macquarie City councillor Laurie Coghlan will stand as an independent candidate at the March state election in the seat of Swansea….He was outraged that NSW Planning Minister Frank Sartor had stripped the council of its planning powers over development plans at Catherine Hill Bay. “Somebody needs to stand up in Parliament and say his decision was wrong and it needs to be revisited.”
Upset Catho residents spell it out – The Sun-Herald – Sunday 4th February 2007
Attached … Residents of Lake Macquarie ‘s quiet coastal hamlet of Catherine Hill Bay have taken a very public step in their stoush with developers Rosecorp and Coal & Allied. Scores of banners, signs and slogans began appearing last week on local houses, light poles and buildings.
Developers a force to be reckoned with – The Sun-Herald – Sunday 4th February 2007

Attached … They called it the NSW Urban Taskforce, a cleverly crafted name giving the impression of a semi-official governmental body. In reality, it is controlled by a who ‘ s who of Sydney developers.
A traffic nightmare – Bay report `devastating 
‘ – Daily Telegraph – Thursday 4th Januray 2007

Attached … THE quiet streets of Catherine Hill Bay will be turned into busy thoroughfares for hundreds of new residents under development plans before the State Government.
Bay Plans Go On View 
– Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 3rd Januray 2007

Attached … DETAILED plans of Rosecorp’s Catherine Hill Bay development go on display today.The controversial blueprint includes a new “coastal village ‘ ‘ of up to 600 homes, a new access road to the Pacific Highway and 310ha set aside for conservation.
Panel On Bay Gets Slammed 
– Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 20th December 2006

Attached … A STATE Government move to appoint an independent panel to assess Rosecorp ‘ s development at
Catherine Hill Bay is nothing more than a “Mickey Mouse ‘ ‘ attempt to win more votes, according to the NSW Greens.Greens MP Lee Rhiannon made the claim yesterday, saying two of the panel ‘ s three members had direct links to the Government.
Bay Homes Scrutinised 
– Daily Telegraph – Tuesday 19th December 2006

Attached … State Planning Minister Frank Sartor said yesterday the three-member panel — former Planning Department director-general Gabrielle Kibble, NSW Heritage Council chairman Michael Collins and architect Andrew Andersons — would hold public hearings in February before reporting to the State Government.
From 100 houses to 1000 residences 
– Newcastle Herald – Monday 18th December 2006

Attached … CATHERINE Hill Bay Progress Association is concerned that the Bay ‘ s heritage values will be obliterated by massive housing developments.
Bay Meeting Disappoints – Newcastle Star – Tuesday 21st November 2006
Attached … the most significant outcome of the meeting is that Coal and Allied can be in no doubt of the community ‘ s opposition to the development.
March In Protest – Daily Telegraph – Friday 17th November 2006
Attached …
Bay residents will march on a public meeting this evening to protest against what they claim is overdevelopment of their quiet seaside village. … “In total, that is 10 times the size of the existing village, three times bigger than Swansea Heads and a third bigger than Pelican and Nords Wharf combined. ‘ ‘
Common Grounds – Newcastle Herald – Saturday 11th November 2006
Attached … COMMUNITY groups disillusioned with large developments planned for sensitive Hunter sites will join forces to try to protect their areas.
Potential candidates for seat stand up – Newcastle Herald – Friday 10th November 2006
Attached …. oppponents to development at Catherine Hill Bay will stand an independent candidate in the state election…… Our platform will be about integrity in government, honest dealing with the community and the hollowing out of coastal policy to suit developers….
“Don’t Bank on this Phoney Fix” – Sydney Morning Herald – 8th November 2006

Attached …. The former prime minister Paul Keating called Frank Sartor the “mayor for Triguboff”. Here ‘ s why. Biobanking is moulded to Harry Triguboff ‘ s recent call for a south-east Queensland approach to NSW coastal development. Forget national parks; send the bush inland. Make all coast Gold Coast.Triguboff calls it “sensible” city building. In fact, though, sensible cities protect wilderness by keeping humans corralled. He believes Sydney has “too many forests and parks . we should be building on this area”. Well, here ‘ s his chance.
“Double Stardards & the 3A Process” – Architecture Bulletin Nov 06

Attached … Many people believe that the NSW Coastal Policy guards against this type of deal. It hasn’t and the precedent it sets for the Coastal Policy is disastrous…

“3A projects add a new dimension to rules” – Sydney Morning Herald – 25th October 2006

Attached … hidden among 3A ‘ s smoke and mirrors are a number of lesser projects whose statewide significance isn’t immediately obvious…. a huge development, also by Rose Corp and refused by both council and court, on ecologically sensitive land at the coastal mining town of Catherine Hill Bay…. No wonder this is a club every developer in town wants to be in…
“Mr Sartor’s deal” – Newcastle Herald – Editorial – 24th October 2006
Attached … it will be tragic if the national park has to be obtained at the cost of destroying the historic Catherine Hill Bay villages and landscape. The development footprints on the maps suggest that the villages will be swamped by big housing estates…
“Suburbia inflicted on quiet seaside hamlet” – Newcastle Herald – 24th October 2006
Attached – FRIGHTENING! Progress association secretary Brian Cogan said the town would be swamped by development. CATHERINE HILL BAY aerial maps of the proposals also appeared with this story.
“Favouritism Slammed” – Newcastle Herald 29/9/06
Attached … NSW Planning Minister Frank Sartor has been accused of giving developers Hardie Holdings, Rosecorp and Coal & Allied preferential treatment in striking deals with them for housing at Branxton and Catherine Hill Bay . Critics claim Mr Sartor has ignored his own department’s advice in negotiating the developers’ housing plans…

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