Why we wanted to Save our Heritage

Catherine Hill Bay is a heritage village of about 100 mainly small miners’ cottages, whose scale, character and appearance is much as it was in the 1890s and early 1900s. soon after coal mining was established.

The development proposals considered in 2006 by the State Minister for Planning, Mr Sartor:

  1. 600 houses and 150 tourist beds at the southern end of Catherine Hill Bay , intruding onto the headland and into the heritage village (the RoseCorp proposal)
  2. 300 houses at the northern end of the Bay, in the vicinity of Middle Camp about 1 km north.

The heritage village would be hemmed in between new development which would increase the size by 10 times. These new developments would be totally car dependent as there is a lack of public transport options.

Despite their combined impact on the community, the Government treated these as separate projects, with about eight months between publication of the two concept plans.

You can check the details of these plans, with original concept maps by clicking here.

What the community thought was a reasonable development; documents available in full by clicking on the below headings.

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