State Planning Policies Subverted

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“…the Planning Minister and Premier’s office appears to have misled the community about their intentions, indicating support for heritage protections but not delivering in the face of developer demands for development rights where none currently exist.

Not a pretty picture and not good news for public policy, or for good government or for fair dealing with the community. ”
Freedom of Information documents

In the following documents, obtained under FOI legislation, the Department of Planning ranked 91 possible sites in the Hunter in terms of suitability for development. Catherine Hill Bay was ranked the second least desirable location for development. In approving development in the Bay, Mr Sartor has ignored his own department’s advice, and pushed it to the top. (Click here to download all files – 3MB)

(We gratefully acknowledge the Hunter Community Environment Centre as the organisation which lodged the FOI and provided this material)

Department of Planning Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA) for assessing potential development areas in the Hunter.
Page1 Page2 Page3 Page4 (right click to save to disk and view in more detail)

Department of Planning tables for each of the 91 areas. Note that Catherine Hill Bay is area RS253, and this area came in second last.
Table1 Table2 Table3 Table4 (right click to save to disk and view in more detail)

Department of Planning map showing the area numbers Map (right click to save to disk and view in more detail)

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